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Collagen-building retinoids smooth crow's-feet over several months; so do eye creams with exfoliating alpha hydroxy acids. Botulinum toxin injections soften the lines in a week or less; the effects last for up to four months.

The right treatment for dark circles depends on the cause. If the darkness doesn't disappear when you press on it, the problem is pigment, which can be lightened by a cream with licorice, kojic acid, or soy. Your doctor can prescribe hydroquinone for more dramatic results. If the discoloration is more purple than brown, the shadows are caused by visible veins beneath the skin, which becomes more translucent with age; a retinoid will help by thickening it. For darkness created by undereye hollows, a hyaluronic acid filler plumps the area; many doctors use Belotero, which has a very thin consistency and can be injected smoothly under delicate skin. Results often last a year.