Stacy London, fashion expert

There's one question that almost every woman has asked in her lifetime..."Does my butt look big?" Oprah has gathered a team of style experts to reveal trade secrets that will help you leave your worries...behind.

Whether you're flat in the back or packing some junk in the trunk, Stacy London, host of TLC's What Not to Wear, has solutions for your style woes. Before you start shopping, Stacy says you should look at your body in a three-way mirror. "You can't fit your clothes well and look your best if you don't know what you're working with," she says.
Dalizza before

Dalizza says her "juicy, healthy, happy butt" has always made it difficult to find a great fit. Dalizza usually buys larger sizes that fit over her hips, which leaves lots of extra room around the waist. Stacy thinks Dalizza is on the right track. "You can't fit the smallest part—you've got to start with the biggest," she says. "Everything else can be taken in [with alterations]."

The size on the pants label is just an approximation, Stacy says. Tailoring clothes to fit your curves is key!
Dalizza in Theory pants

Since Dalizza stands at just 5'1'', Stacy sets out to create a longer leg line with a straight leg pant. Petite women should avoid tapered trousers if they want to look taller, Stacy says. Once Stacy and Dalizza find a great pair of Emery pants by Theory, the alterations begin!

First, the indigo slacks are taken in at the waist. Then, a tailor removes the pockets to create a smooth line and decrease bulk in the "booty, hip, thigh" area. A Tommy Hilfiger top completes the look.
Dalizza in a Celine dress

For a more formal look, Stacy outfits Dalizza in a little, black dress that accentuates her tiny waist. The jersey dress, made by Celine, also has a waterfall drape in the back that helps hide Dalizza's problem areas. "The butt is now in proportion with the rest of the body," Stacy says.

Oprah says Dalizza's new style also makes her look taller. "[That's because] I know how to work it!" Dalizza says.
Grace and Dolly, before

Grace and Dolly are best friends and sisters, but they are total opposites when it comes to fashion. Grace says she's the more conservative sister who prefers streamlined, sophisticated looks. Dolly just likes to be comfortable and tends to dress sporty.

The sisters also face different challenges in the dressing room. Dolly says her butt is big and shaped like a "bubble," while Grace's butt is small and flat. "[My butt] disappears in ceases to be," Grace says.

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Dolly in AG jeans

After sorting through stacks of designer jeans, Stacy finally finds the best fit for Dolly. Now, Dolly takes the stage in her new AG Legend jeans! Stacy says a dark, uniform wash is slimming on any figure. Plus, the back pockets are flat and unembellished, which is ideal when you're trying to avoid extra bulk and divert attention away from your backside.

Stacy pairs the jeans with a colorful Etro blouse that covers the top half of Dolly's butt. "We are visually bisecting the size of her tush with a great little top," Stacy says.

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Grace in Rock and Republic jeans

When it comes to pockets, Stacy recommends "flat if you've got curves, flap if you don't." Since Grace has narrow hips and a small tush, Stacy chooses a jean with three-dimensional, split-seam pockets that create the illusion of curves. Grace's Rock and Republic Scorpion jeans are light-wash denim with distressing along the leg, which helps spotlight the "booty, hip, thigh" area.

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Mariah, before

As a teenager, Mariah says she would wrap her body in Saran Wrap to try to sweat away extra weight around her hips and butt. "I think I'm shaped like a Weeble Wobble," Mariah says. "It is so excruciating finding clothes that fit."

Jesse Garza and Joe Lupo, fashion stylists and authors of Nothing to Wear?, are here to help! Before the makeover begins, Jesse and Joe compliment Mariah on her best assets. They tell Mariah that her flat stomach, long legs and long torso are great features...and not at all reminiscent of a Weeble Wobble.
Mariah, Jesse Garza and Joe Lupo

Jesse and Joe Lupo travel to Mariah's home to see what's hanging in her closet. Once the closet doors come open, Jesse and Joe see what they're up against. Mariah, an attorney, owns an assortment of "matronly" suits, baggy jeans and long jackets. While Mariah may think she's hiding her hips behind a long jacket and loose fabrics, Jesse says these styles make her look boxy.
Mariah in Elie Tahari khakis

Jesse and Joe trade in Mariah's dowdy duds for chic, new styles! Instead of baggy trousers, Mariah wears a modern khaki by Elie Tahari. The long suit jacket has been replaced by an Armani blazer, which is accented by a wide leather belt.

The white blazer falls just below the hip and makes the rear appear smaller, Jesse says. Now Mariah can stop obsessing about her booty and enjoy her head-to-toe makeover!

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Julia with Stacy London

Julia, a stay-at-home mother of three, says that no matter how many crunches, lunges and leg lifts she does, her behind is still larger than she'd like.

"My butt is big—that's never going to change," Julia says. "I just want clothes that fit and make me look good."

With the right blazer, Stacy shows Julia how she can take inches off her hips in an instant. First, Stacy says to look for seams that fit well against your torso. Then, look for a nice length that bisects your butt. Also, Stacy suggests that you button your blazer to accentuate the narrowest part of your waist.
Julia in Akris pants

Not all black pants are created equal, Stacy says. "Invest a little more in a great quality fabric that drapes, skims the body, yet still has structure." Julia models basic black pants made by Akris (available at and Neiman Marcus). These pants fit Stacy's two main criteria—they have a thick waistband that helps cinch the stomach and a slightly flared leg.

Aside from the Akris black pants, Stacy suggests these less expensive styles: Theory's Max C, Chaiken's Laura, Banana Republic's Martin and Gap's Curvy.

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