Adam Glassman
Photo: Marko Metzinger/Studio D
Q: I'm totally straight from ribs to waist to hips—and I can't find slacks that fit. Can you help?
A: Pants are often designed for hourglass shapes, so a pair that accommodates your waist will probably be way too large in the hips—am I right?

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 Piazza Sempione slacks
Stretch fabric and slimmer-cut legs prevent drooping anywhere you don't fill out the pants.

"Marion" side-zip slacks, Piazza Sempione, $495; for stores.

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Banana Republic trousers
A wide, contoured waistband fits smoothly, spotlighting your middle.

Subtly flared buttoned-waist "Martin" trousers, $79;

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Ergofit by Rafaella pinstripe pants
A slightly higher rise is preferable to low-rise cuts, which only emphasize a boyish figure.

Pinstripe pants with tummy-flattening inner stretch panel, Ergofit by Rafaella, $65;

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