Erin Yoffe Halper, 31

What Erin sees in the mirror: "I regularly try on 25 bathing suits before I find one that works," says Erin, the owner of a marketing firm. "Since I'm a 32DD and small on the bottom, I have to shop for separates. The problem is finding tops that can accommodate my chest. It's incredibly hard to find a bikini top that fits like a bra, and I don't have the patience to sift through racks with my coat and my handbag weighing me down, getting dressed and undressed, looking for another size.... "

Adam's solution: This bikini is from Aerin Rose (top, $72; bottom, $50), a line that specializes in large cup sizes. It gives Erin a lot of support without making her look dowdy, Adam says. The built-in underwire is hidden so the top doesn't resemble a bra; the dark band operates like an Empire waist to make the bust look smaller. The result: Erin keeps some cleavage without looking over-the-top. "I feel like I look my age, the suit fits, and I'm not spilling out, so I don't have to be concerned about attracting undue attention. Plus, I love the pattern. How many plain black suits can you own?"

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