Bernadette, a minimizer bra makeover

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The Minimizer Mistake
Bernadette Vajda
Public relations student, 28

Before: "Spillage is my problem," Bernadette says. But this "minimizer" is so big that her body seems wider and thicker (plus, the flattening action is bad for breast tissue). The band creeps up in the back, causing unfortunate bulges, so Bernadette has compensated by shortening the straps, putting most of the weight on her shoulders.

After: Firmer, happier, younger looking. "Finally—a bra that doesn't cover my entire chest or have five straps in back," says Bernadette. This 34F contour style (replacing her 36DD) is level on her body, and it's hooked in the loosest position. Later, when it stretches out, she'll have plenty of room for adjustment.