Oprah wears Manolo Blahniks

Most of us organize our shoes according to style, color, or occasion (which pairs are for work, weekends, or big nights out). But Oprah also organizes hers by how long she can bear to keep them on her feet. "I've gone to parties, wearing shoes that hurt so much, I wanted to come home early," Oprah says. "What fun is that?"

All Day

"This Manolo Blahnik slingback is the perfect heel. I can actually wear it out of the building, not just between the control room and stage."
Oprah wears her Zero Minute shoes

Zero Minutes
"I love these shoes, but as cute as they are, after wearing them for an hour, my shins hurt so much that I had to go to the doctor!"
Oprah wears her One Minute shoes

One Minute
"Mariah Carey gave me these. They're great for making my legs look longer during a sit-down show, but that's it. I don't know how Mariah sings and dances in them!"
Oprah wears her 10 Minute Shoes

10 Minutes
"Another pretty pair that's strictly for TV—I take them off the minute the show is over."
Oprah wears her One Hour Shoes

One Hour
"I can tolerate these Jimmy Choos for longer. I can even walk in them. The wider toe box gives me more wiggle room."
Oprah wears her Prada flats

"You know how you used to come home from school and change out of your good clothes? Well, these Prada flats are my after-school shoes—cute and comfortable."