The Boyfriend style of CJ by Cookie Johnson Jeans

Model: Anansa Sims

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Adam Glassman, creative director of O, The Oprah Magazine, says the CJ by Cookie Johnson line wowed him. "We get a lot of jeans in the office, and I make everyone try them on, [women] of all sizes and all ages. These jeans are hip, they're cool and they're sophisticated," he says. "[The women trying on the jeans] have to bend over, they have to squat, and they have to make sure they don't get whale tail. ...Whale tail is when you bend over and your underwear shows. You get that V of your underwear. ... These jeans are perfect."

The Boyfriend style, Oprah's favorite, comes in three colors—dark denim, black and gray. "The boyfriends, I always say are like the new sweatpants," Cookie says. "I throw them on all the time and wear them to the grocery store, wherever."