Oprah Winfrey

Photo: George Burns/Copyright © Harpo Productions, Inc.

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Adam Glassman: Even now, no one gets it right all the time. Like this year's Australia show, when Oprah wore that looong skirt. She loves a billowing blouse and skirt.

Kelly Hurliman: Great for hosting a party, not so great for TV. But she wanted to promote an Australian designer.

Adam Glassman: I was more concerned that the outfit was a lighter color on the bottom than on top. That's generally a no-no. And when the wind came, it looked like Oprah was about to sail away, right over Sydney Harbor.

Kelly Hurliman: Plus, she was standing next to minuscule Nicole Kidman. Afterward she said, "I now have no ego because I was onstage wearing a balloon next to Nicole Kidman."

Adam Glassman: She laughed about it. She'll never let any of us live it down, but she can laugh.