Supermodel Iman

As a world-class supermodel and cosmetics entrepreneur, fashion icon Iman knows beauty. In her book, The Beauty of Color, Iman shows women of every shade how to look their best. Now with the help of her all-star beauty team, Iman is transforming some everyday viewers into their most beautiful selves.

For Iman, beauty begins with celebrating your natural, God-given features. "That's my singular message about this," stresses Iman. "And then a lipstick helps!"
Iman and Meika

Meet Meika, an emergency room doctor suffering from a severe case of the "Plain Janes." With her demanding job and busy schedule, Meika says she let herself go.

"I never wear makeup, don't know how to put it on," Meika says. "Like many other black women, my skin tone is uneven. As the winter months are coming, I'm getting more and more pale. My color's really off sometimes. I look so sick I look like a patient."

Luckily, Iman had the perfect remedy for Meika's pale complexion and drab duds.
Meika after her makeover

Meika's sizzling makeover could easily cause some temperatures to rise!

First, Iman brought in her own personal hair stylist, Oscar James, to turn Meika's dull do into a full and sexy style. Next, colorist Anthony Palermo worked his magic on Meika's long locks by lightening the color to soften her face. Makeup artist extraordinaire Pat McGrath flew in from Paris to apply Meika's sultry makeup. Finally, wardrobe stylist Michael Kramer completed Meika's transformation, head to toe.

Now, if Dr. Meika were to show up in the hospital with her va-va-voom look, she says, "There might be a few heart attacks!"
Naomi Campbell and Jeanne

Jeanne's hair has been her lifelong nemesis. She tried all the fixes—braids, highlights, relaxers—but says they seem to do more harm than good. "Like many African-American women, when I get a relaxer and then color my hair, it just breaks all off," she explains. "Then it needs to be cut because it's so damaged. I'd love nothing more than to have long, beautiful hair!"

Supermodel Naomi plotted with hair extension wizard Ellin LaVar to give Jeanne the hair of her dreams. Before the transformation, Naomi taught Jeanne how to walk the runway.
Jeanne after her makeover

Jeanne dazzles with her new look and luxurious locks! What does she think of her worst enemy now? "No need to ask," says Jeanne. "I love it!"

To get the tresses Jeanne longed to have, expert Ellin LaVar first colored her hair and then added extensions. She also applied Ellin LaVar Reconstruct and Thermist from her personal product line to repair Jeanne's damaged hair.
Eva Mendes and Elsie

Bubbly and colorful, Elsie has been bleaching her hair for more than 15 years. But her sister Martha says Elsie's hair is only part of the problem. "Elsie's wardrobe needs a lot of help," Martha says. "She is always in heels. … Elsie's lipsticks are super bright." Martha says her sister's bold style calls for a drastic makeover.
Elsie after her makeover

Who says blondes have more fun? Elsie looks glamorous with her new, natural-looking chestnut hair. Her outfit is still spicy and sassy—but not over the top. "I look young, I feel pretty!" Elsie says.
The stylist team

It takes a village! Iman's team of beauty experts (shown above from left to right) starts with Michael Kramer, who did all the wardrobe styling. The amazing dos were handled by colorist Anthony Palermo of ANTHONYLEONARD Salon in New York City, hair stylist Oscar James, and hair extension maven Ellin LaVar. Pat McGrath worked wonders with makeup.