Model with elephant trunk

Camp Jabulani is one of the only places in the world where visitors can go on safari strapped to the back of an elephant. Model Michelle Jansen feeds her new friend a handful of peanuts.

The O fashion team spent a day shooting at Camp Jabulani in the Kapama Private Game Reserve and Hoedspruit Research and Breeding Centre for Endangered Species, locations where models could get close to elephants, cheetahs, and other African wildlife.
Elephant ranger Paul

There are 12 elephants at Camp Jabulani (most of which are from Zimbabwe), and they are cared for by a team of 22 professional grooms led by master elephant ranger Paul, shown with some of their huge saddles.
Models with Guides

Evidently, Michelle and fellow model Latoya Nel Mihaylova have won over a few fans.
Model with Paul

Latoya, wearing a cotton painted sac dress by Hanii Y, strikes a pose with Paul and his team.

It doesn't take a village to get a photo shoot up and running, but it certainly requires a talented crew, such as makeup artist Colleen Paioni (middle); digital tech Michael Altobello (right); and photo assistant Hieu Mai.
Cast and crew eating

The entire cast and crew gathers for a luxurious feast at Camp Jabulani.
Lente Roode

Lente Roode runs the Hoedspruit Research and Breeding Centre for Endangered Species. She acquired the land from her father, Willie Sch??rmann, who bought a 2,000-hectare farm in the Hoedspruit district in the northern province of South Africa in 1950.
Group talking

Today, the center is a nonprofit organization devoted to nature conservation and the continued survival of all endangered animal species.
Women with Endangered Species

Hoedspruit also offers the public an opportunity to learn about endangered species by observing them at close range, a perk Latoya takes advantage of.
Adam Glassman with cheetah

Adam Glassman gets up close to one of the center's cheetahs.

PJ Scott with Schurmann family
PJ John Scott, who helped produce the entire photo shoot, stands with three generations of the Schürmann family.

Special thanks to South African Airlines for providing flight accommodations for the entire O fashion team. For more information or to book your trip, visit or call 800-722-9675.