Sexy outfit 1 Adam: "I'm all for sexy, but discreet sexy. Although it's terrific that you're fit, you want to look sensual and polished, not desperate and sleazy. Some rules: Avoid midthigh hems after age 35. Don't confuse fitted with skintight. Don't get bare in more than one zone at a time. And cultivate an ease with your body—if you carry yourself with confidence, that's seductive."

Before: "Repeat after me: I am not a Real Housewife of Orange County. This dress is too short, skimpy, and glitzy. Big hair and obvious makeup make matters worse. You want a natural, freshly washed look."

Sexy outfit 2
After: Photographer Kristen Jensen, 45, proves that nothing is sexier than a slightly unbuttoned white shirt (Tevrow + Chase); a pencil skirt (J.Crew) always outclasses any mini. Shine is fine if it's neutral silver (sequined jacket, Gryphon New York). 

Belt, Hyde Collection. Shoes, Jimmy Choo.


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