If you think you're "too" something—old, fat, short, shy—to try the new fall clothes, think again. O's creative director, Adam Glassman, is here to talk you through fashion blocks so you can get the most of the latest trends.

1. Can I risk jersey on a body that's not perfect?

2. I'm 5'5" and a size 10. Can I wear wide-legged pants?

3. Can I mix prints without looking like a clown? 

4. Can a 40-something get away with looking a little "downtown" or "arty"?

5. Can I wear my summer dresses in the fall? 

6. Can I dress sexy without being inappropriate?

7. Can I wear bright colors and not look like a golden girl?

8. Can I wear brooches without looking like a news anchor?

9. Can I wear denim for work or evening and not feel underdressed?


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