Tchesmeni Leonard

Photo: Sergio Kurhajec

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Brow Wow!
Tchesmeni Leonard
Freelance stylist, 25

"In middle school, it was cool to have superthin eyebrows—so I tweezed my bushy ones until they looked like little axes."

How She Learned to Love Her Look
Tchesmeni just needed to see someone rocking full brows. "After I noticed J. Lo's, I immediately started growing in mine," she says.

Making the Most of It
Even naturally bold brows need a little care. "We're often reluctant to play up strong features," says Sonia. "But Tchesmeni's more prominent brows create a perfect frame for her gorgeous eyes."

Easy Enhancement: Brow cream

Sweater, Banana Republic, $79. Earrings, Robert Lee Morris Collection.