Joan Zingarelli

Photo: Sergio Kurhajec

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Silver Foxiness
Joan Zingarelli
Freelance consultant, 54

"I was worried that going gray would age me. Sometimes I still wonder whether I'd be treated differently as a brunette."

How She Learned to Love Her Look
About 11 years ago, after missing three salon appointments, Joan noticed "an interesting white patch" in her hair. So she got a new shorter style that accented the gray and asked her friends, "Doesn't this look great?" "Inside, I was still coming to terms with it," Joan says. "But I don't want to be a slave to dyeing."

Making the Most of It
With gray hair, you probably need a little extra effort like a gloss or highlights, since the lack of contrast between your hair and skin can make you look washed out. "Gorgeous silver hair can be very distinctive," says makeup artist Sonia Kashuk, founder of Sonia Kashuk Beauty. "So own it by combining it with vibrant makeup. Just a bold lipstick or a touch of blush is enough to give you a stunning look."

Easy Enhancement: Bright lipstick

Top, NYDJ, $88. Earrings, Efva Attling.