There's one rule of thumb when it comes to men and their eyebrows: If it is not part of the pack, remove it. The unibrow has always been out of fashion, and no man looks good with one!

But no man looks good with perfect eyebrows either. It is not hot or manly to have too-groomed of eyebrows, but when you have eyebrow hairs that are an inch longer than the rest of your brow hairs, go ahead and trim them!
Here's how to properly groom your eyebrows:
  • First, comb all your eyebrow hairs up with a comb. This will allow you to see which hairs are longer than the others.
  • Trim the longer hairs with a small pair of scissors. Never cut directly across your skin when trimming your eyebrows. Instead, one by one, trim each of the longer hairs.
  • Go easy with the tweezers. Do not tweeze the hairs under your brow or too many of the hairs above your brow. Find a happy medium, and remove only the eyebrow hairs that are an obvious distraction. 
When in doubt, I highly recommended enlisting the help of a professional. Leave perfect eyebrows for women to wear.

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