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Thanks to a new pair of jeans, Adam's rear is front and center once again. "In a pair of jeans, you need to be age appropriate. If you're over 25, none of this distressing and tearing," he says. "You want a darker wash because it allows you to go more places, and you want a great fit."

But Tim's team wanted to bring out more of Adam's best features. "We did a little [hair]dying because we wanted there to be a little more of a difference between Adam's original haircolor and his skin," Tim says. "When he came back I said, 'They dyed your hair to match your eyebrows.' And he said, 'No, they dyed my eyebrows too.'"

"As Tim would say, I think we're making it work," Adam says.

Jeans:; shoes: Too Boot NY,; shirt: Hugo Boss; vest: Neil Barrett; tie: Dolce & Gabbana,