Maintaining Your Color
So now you have your fabulous celebrity worthy hair color. How do you maintain it? Rita Hazan of the Rita Hazan Salon gives the Hair Color 101 tips to keep the color brilliant.
  • A good trick to maintain your color is to go back to the salon and get a gloss in between color treatments. Since you probably darkened your hair for fall/winter, darker color tends to wash out within 3 weeks. The gloss will add color and vibrancy to your hair and also add shine.
  • Conditioning treatments are a great way to keep hair healthy and shiny, even through coloring. Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Lopez and Carmen Electra all color their hair every three weeks and keep their tresses healthy with conditioning treatments. Healthy hair maintains color much better than dry, damaged hair.
  • A big color question is if you should wash your hair before your color or go into the salon with dirty hair. It is really up to you. Since the salon will wash your hair anyway, why not pamper yourself and have a fabulous scalp massage and wash at the salon.
  • Less is always more, and this holds true for color. Start with a pretty base color and add a few highlights to accentuate. Not stripy or chunky (unless you like that zebra look!). You should highlight every 2-3 months rather than every 6 weeks. This keeps the hair more natural and better maintained.
  • Always bring a picture of what you want and what you don't want. This gives the colorist a better idea than simply trying to explain what you have pictured in your head. You will be happier with the results!

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