Best Wardrobe Necessity
No one wants to talk about girdles, but shapewear is where style starts.

Best Recent Read
Steve Stoute's The Tanning of America captures the rise of hip-hop in our culture. When I started styling for music videos 20 years ago, you barely saw urban music on MTV. But hip-hop isn't alternative anymore-now it's hip-pop.

Best First Date
It was a drive-in movie. I don't remember what we saw, but I remember his cabriolet.

Best Pick-Me-Up
Dancing-preferably to disco. I don't drink, so I get my high from music.

Best Thrill
I style the contestants on The X Factor, and it's so exciting to see them interpret the looks I pull for them. By wearing an outfit a certain way, they're expressing themselves as artists-they're transforming themselves into stars.

Best Bargain
I got a timeless black and gold Herm├Ęs belt from a consignment shop recently. It goes with so many different outfits-and I paid a quarter of what I would have paid in a store.

Best Mistake
My first full-time job, in investment banking. I was miserable throughout the experience, but it prepared me to make smart financial decisions when I started my career.

Best Made-Up Word
Glamouflage. It's when you use a bold piece to shield a part of your appearance: big sunglasses when you didn't have time for makeup; a wide-brimmed hat for a bad-hair day; an over-the-top coat to cover an outfit you just threw together.

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