Slimming jeans

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Katie Childs
28, special projects director, New York City

Why She Was Skeptical of "Slimming" Jeans
"I'm wider in the hips, narrower in the legs, and I get muffin top," says Childs, an executive at beauty company Red Flower. "I need stretch jeans, but most of them seem to lose their shape quickly."

Why She Loves Them Now
Childs's pull-on jeans feature an elastic waistband that holds in wobbly bits, plus extra-sturdy fabric that stretches without stretching out. "The higher waistband makes me feel secure," she says. "If I needed to literally run to a meeting, I could."

Cardigan and shirt, C. Wonder. Jeans, JAG Jeans, $64; Earrings, Coralia Leets. Ring, Tuleste Market. Shoes, Vince Camuto.