Trinny and Susannah in bad jeans

Who doesn't own a pair of jeans? But do you own a pair that makes your bum look fabulous, your legs long and your stomach flat? With a few simple fashion pointers, pros Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine set out to get women of all shapes and sizes out of frumpy "mom jeans" and into jaw-dropping denim!

There's no more classic look than a great white top with a fabulous-fitting pair of jeans—unless they're these jeans! Trinny and Susannah model what jeans not to wear. Here are their rules for avoiding these unflattering denim looks.
  • Tapered or high-waisted jeans make your legs look shorter, your stomach bigger and your rear longer. And if you're pear-shaped like Trinny (pictured left), tapered jeans exaggerate the width of your hips.
  • If you have a flabby belly, don't wear low hipster jeans.
  • Unless you want to look heavier than you are, never wear light colored jeans.
  • Don't wear a pair of jeans with a high heel unless the jean comes down to the floor and covers the heel.
Trinny and Susannah in the right jeans

Look at the difference the right jean makes! Trinny adds a wide belt to cut the size of her butt in half. And her wide-legged jeans balance her figure. "My pear-shaped figure has disappeared in the blink of an eye because I've got the weight of the bottom of my pants," she says.

Susannah's two-toned jeans make her thighs look thinner. They are extra, extra long and the waistline on her pair comes up a bit so her stomach is held in. "You're not seeing all that horrible flesh spilling over the top because the waistband has room for improvement," she says.
Deidre in high-waisted jeans

Deirdre's classic high-waisted and tapered jeans made her legs look short and her butt enormous! "Those frumpy high-waisted things were just killing her," says Susannah.
Deidre in right jeans

"We put [Deirdre] in very long jeans with an extremely high heel," Susannah says. Now she looks fit and slim in Joe's Jeans!
Michelle in elastic-waistband pants

Marriage, two kids and weight gain have morphed Michelle's style from sequins to sweats. She's been working hard to take off that stubborn baby weight. But Michelle's not only a busy working mom—she's also a preacher's wife—so deciding what to wear can be a little tricky.

Susannah says sweatpants, sweatshirts and elastic waists always add pounds. And Michelle was tucking in her tops, accentuating her worst area, her tummy. Can the right pair of jeans transform Michelle's look from frumpy to fabulous?
Michele in right jeans

"By putting [Michelle] in this, we're skimming over the tummy, which is the little, dodgy, flabby bit that does still exist but you can't see it," says Susannah. "Also, you carry some weight on your leg. With the one-tone jean we slim down the leg. And we have this curtain effect [with the top], cutting the leg in half, making you look 20 pounds lighter." Now 36-year-old Michelle has a hip, urban style that fits her lifestyle.
Theresa in tapered jeans

Trinny and Susannah found Theresa committing a major fashion crime!

Theresa's jeans were so high-waisted, they made her belly pop out in different areas. The narrow leg made the top half of Theresa appear larger. Trinny and Susannah were in such awe over the huge pockets and holes in the backside of the jeans, they ripped them right off of Theresa!
Theresa in right jeans

Theresa's new look is just incredible! Going for a darker denim bootleg jean will elongate the leg. Trinny and Susannah say the pant leg should go down to the bottom of the heel for an even greater lengthening effect.
Kaye in cropped pants

Trinny and Susannah caught Kaye in her cropped pants and let her know there would be no butts about it—no more capri pants for her!

"Your legs aren't that long, and capri pants are difficult to wear for anyone," Trinny says. "Your ass is there, that's where it's ending…Well, that's where the capri pants are telling you it's ending. That's what we see!"
Kaye in right jeans

Kaye's new look is all in the right jean. Susannah says that when you have saddlebags, it's more important to keep your jeans a monochrome color so they elongate the leg. We've also got a slashneck top that balances out the width of the hips and creates a waist.