TokyoMilk collection

Let Them Smell Cake
What if the concept of "playful" had a scent? And what if that scent came in 18 delightfully different and original variations? That would be the TokyoMilk collection ($28 for one ounce), which includes such mischievously named fragrances as Let Them Eat Cake (a delicious combination of sugarcane, coconut milk, vanilla orchid, and white musk) and Dead Sexy (a deeply sensuous mix of vanilla, exotic wood, white orchid, and ebony). To add to the fun: Each bottle features an arresting little image on the inside of the label, visible through the glass. Be beguiled!
Nars Orgasm Nail Polish

Passion for Nails
First, there was Nars Orgasm Blush, which, due to its perfect ratio of shimmer and universally flattering pink, became a cult favorite. Then Nars created Orgasm Lip Gloss...and Orgasm Multiple (a creamy stick for your eyes, cheeks, and lips). If you're—how do we say this—insatiable, now there's Nars Orgasm Nail Polish ($16). A single coat leaves a sheer pink wash. Follow with a second for a brighter, gold-flecked coral. And smile coyly when asked what color you're wearing.
Kiehl's Gently Exfoliating Body Scrub

Buff Up Neatly
We've always found the body scrub concept better in theory (slough away dry, dull skin) than in practice (dip into a jar of greasy, gritty, tub-defiling goop). But then we tried Kiehl's Gently Exfoliating Body Scrub ($25). Each tidy tube holds a rich, creamy blend of skin-smoothing granules, oatmeal, rice, and avocado oil—and the scents are divine. Juicy sweet Pear Tree Corner has given us a new reason to get out of bed in the morning; Lavender makes nighttime showers a soul-soothing experience.
Jaboner??a Marianella Handcrafted Soaps

Wrap Stars
If you kept your Barbies sealed in their plastic packaging and can never find a good enough reason to pull out the china, then you may hesitate to unwrap these brightly packaged Jabonería Marianella Handcrafted Soaps ($12 for a seven-ounce bar). But if you do tear away the polka-dot or striped paper, you'll be delighted by vibrant ribbons of color running through a bar rich in cocoa butter, goat's milk, and honey. We say, rip off the wrapping, lather up, and live a little.
PureOlogy PureVolume ThickeningMist

In Thickness and in Health
How do we love thee, PureOlogy PureVolume ThickeningMist ($21)? Let us count the ways: You breathe new lift into our hair with lemongrass and papaya extracts that never leave it sticky or crispy (number one). Your antioxidants and sunscreens keep our color from fading (two). You calm our flyaways and prevent static (three and four). Your blend of ylang-ylang, lemon, and chamomile scents is so clean and refreshing, friends have been complimenting us on our new perfume (a pleasantly surprising number five).