A makeover for flat, boring hair

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Rita Chuchalova, 25; full-time mother

Problem: "I think my hair is flat and boring, and it has no body."

Pipino's solution: Rita's hair is fine, but she has a lot of it; the problem was that the style had no shape and the highlights looked brassy. Pipino agreed with Rita that she could keep the length but suggested trimming about an inch and a half off the bottom and adding shorter layers around her face, where he cut angled bangs to accentuate her gorgeous, almond-shaped eyes. Because Rita's natural color is dark and her hair is healthy with lots of shine, Pipino added just enough light golden brown highlights for her to look as if she'd spent some time in the sun.

Results: "I love the color—it's softer and closer to my own, only better," said Rita. "And I've always wanted more shape and some bangs, because I think that makes my face look less square. It's fabulous."