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Perfect Pairings
When you blend blue, green, and a dash of gray, you get a shade with great range. "It works beautifully with almost any other color," says O creative director Adam Glassman. "It offsets whites and creams; complements burgundy, mustard, and other autumnal tones; and looks chic with brights like chartreuse." Leatrice Eiseman, head of the Eiseman Center for Color Information and Training near Seattle, isn't surprised to see a gorgeous go-with-anything color take off in this economy. "We want versatility," she says. "But versatile doesn't have to mean boring."

How to Wear It: "It's easy to go monochromatic with blue-greens because they don't have to match exactly. A deep teal jacket looks streamlined—and fresher than black—with a turquoise dress."—Adam Glassman

Coat, $299; dress, $179; necklace, $69; and belt, $44; all from Talbots.