Yes, you with colorful eyeshadows!

Here's how:

1. Consider your skin tone and eye color when picking a vibrant shadow. Greens are stunning on women with fair skin that has pink undertones (especially if they have green or hazel eyes); they're not ideal for olive and dark skin because they can create a sallow cast. Purples and blues are beautiful against green and brown eyes, but better avoided if the circles under your eyes tend to be bluish. Teal blends green and blue into a shade that is flattering across the board. And yellow (like our model is wearing) is a surprisingly lovely eye brightener on everyone: Women with darker skin tones can choose bright and more opaque shades; lighter complexions need sheer golds.

2. Start by hiding any darkness around your eyes (if you don't, it could be accentuated by a bold shadow). Matin recommends using a thin nylon brush and a full-coverage concealer (one of his all-time favorites: Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage, $28; To avoid emphasizing fine lines, put the concealer only where you need it (most likely around the inner corners of the eyes, but not near the outer ones). Be especially judicious with concealer if you have puffiness around your eyes—light tones can highlight it.

3. Use a natural bristle brush to apply powder shadow; swirl the brush over the shadow, then on the back of your hand (to disperse the color evenly). Gently press the brush over your eyelid, concentrating the color along your lashline. Blend up toward the browbone—the color should get more and more sheer along the way. "Between the crease of your lids and your browbone, you should definitely see your skin color through the shadow," says Matin. If you want to intensify these shades and use them only as liners, put a drop of Visine on the powder to create a creamy texture, then use a fine-tipped eyeliner brush to run the color along your upper lashline.

4. With eyes this enhanced, the rest of your face should go quite bare. A soft rose or beige lip gloss is enough.

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