Bonnie Baker

Photo: Patrik Andersson

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How She Broke Free
Bonnie was ready for a major haircut, but Ken wasn't interested. "Bonnie's hair is beautiful," he says. "All she needs are some subtle changes to the shape to make it less severe." He took off a couple of inches, added a few long layers around her face, and shifted her middle part a bit to the side. With a large-barrel curling iron, Ken created loose waves. Bonnie has never dyed her hair, and why would she? She's routinely complimented on her pure white color. Ken used a clarifying shampoo to lift out yellow tones and add brightness.

Bonnie's Makeup Update

With her fair complexion and white hair, Bonnie needs a bit of color to avoid looking washed out. A tinted moisturizer, pale pink powder blush, and grayish taupe eyeshadow do the trick. She should stay away from products with shimmer, which can accentuate crepiness, and can skip lipstick in favor of a neutral lip pencil with a balm on top.

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