Bonnie Baker

Photo: Patrik Andersson

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Stuck in the 1960s: Center-Parted Hippie Hair
Bonnie Baker, 67, has spent most of her adult life with long, long hair. "My mother kept my hair short—throughout my childhood, I had a Buster Brown cut—so I started growing it as soon as I left home at 19," she says. "In a few years, it was down to my knees." Once she could no longer reach the ends, she decided to take off a few inches and settled at just above waist-length. The maintenance was easy—once-weekly shampoo, once-yearly trim—and Bonnie, a sixth-degree black belt karate teacher, just pulled her hair into a long braid when she went to work. Plus: "Men go crazy for long hair," Bonnie says. She's clearly onto something—she's been with her 49-year-old boyfriend for 21 years.