Alicia Crowe

Photo: Patrik Andersson

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How She Broke Free
"Alicia needs to put life back into her hair," says Ken, who set about giving her a style with some movement. Instead of curling Alicia's hair, he used a flatiron to pull it straight. A slight trim made the ends blunt and swingy. Alicia had been dyeing her hair black to cover a few grays; Ken lightened the color to a sable brown and added chestnut highlights. "The softer color makes Alicia's hair look more lush, and enhances the golden tones in her skin," he says.

Alicia's Makeup Update

Alicia's new makeup look, like her hair, is fresh and simple: a golden taupe shadow on her eyelids, two coats of black mascara, and a shimmering coral lip gloss.