Monica Greenawalt

Photo: Patrik Andersson

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How She Broke Free
Monica had two different haircuts—short on top, long in back—and the only way to unite them was to lose the length. Monica bravely made the first snip, and then Ken created a stunning cropped cut. Monica had also been doing at-home lightening with a mixture of bleach powder and peroxide that was dulling her hair—and her complexion. By bringing Monica back to her childhood strawberry blonde, Ken made her hair shine and her skin glow. To style, he mixed a silicone shine serum and moisturizing cream through Monica's damp hair. After her hair dried, he used a curling iron to smooth the pieces in front.

Monica's Makeup Update

To create a subtle, smoky eye, makeup artist Denise Markey traced a dark brown eyeshadow over Monica's upper lashline and blended it up and out to the outer corners. A tinted moisturizer evens her complexion, and a tawny peach blush highlights her stunning cheekbones.