Slimming white outfit

Photo: Sergio Kurhajec

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White Lie #1: "White isn't slimming enough for me"
—Suzanne Rust, 46, magazine editor and television host

"I do wear some white, but I'm careful," says Rust. "I have curves, and white can make them seem like too much of a good thing!" She's gotten into the habit of sticking to an accent here or there to avoid "the whole Good Humor man look."

Think Again:
White on white can be great on curvy women, says O's creative director, Adam Glassman—if you mix textures and shades. A long silk tuxedo jacket (Nicole Miller Collection, $345) emphasizes the vertical seams on this drop-waist beaded dress (Ralph Lauren Black Label) for a slenderizing effect; with geometric earrings (Lulu Frost) and silver shoes (Jimmy Choo), the outfit is a refreshing, flattering take on evening wear.