Sharon Cunningham, 44, mother of five and part-time waitress
Aging Culprits: Gray roots; faded complexion; thin, dry skin

How a great haircut can work like a facelift: Sharon's triangle-shaped cut was dragging down her face, so Ted took off the heaviness on the bottom and cut layers in front to frame her features. Bangs are not only youthful but also camouflage wrinkles. A few shorter layers on top added volume at the crown, which draws attention upward and away from any sagging.

Why richer haircolor has a similar effect: Sharon's old dyed-blonde color was ashy and made her skin look tired and sallow, so Jason added richer, gold tones to give her haircolor depth and brighten her complexion.

What's just as aging as dark circles: The redness around Sharon's eyes. Dark circles may be more common, but Sonia pointed out that pink around the eyes can make you look tired, too. She neutralized Sharon's pink tones with a green-tinged concealer (yellow concealer also works) in the corners of Sharon's eyes and just under the lower lids. Foundation neutralized the sallowness and ruddiness that made Sharon's skin look dull and rough.

How the right makeup colors can soften features: Sonia used only neutral browns and champagnes on Sharon's lids to enliven her blue eyes; black or deep brown would look severe against her light coloring. A touch of gold shimmer on her browbone added light and lifted her lids. Baby pink gloss and a tawny-colored cream blush kept the look delicate and natural.

Sharon's revelation: "I had neglected myself; I'd given myself over to my kids. And I so much wanted this help. My family barely recognized me. Look! I've got back my smile."