A 20-something gets back her glow and sexy hair.

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Lauretta, 26, policy analyst
Aging Culprits: Drab, too-short hair; droopy, tired-looking eyes

Why her bob wasn't working: With relaxed hair like Lauretta's, a simple bob can be lank and conservative. Ted and his team wove in extensions that gave her extra length and a more youthful—yet polished—look.

What else besides color can brighten hair: A gloss, which contains some pigment, evened Lauretta's growing-out color and left her hair super shiny.

Why Lauretta's eyes looked tired: Her very fine lashes and brows, Sonia pointed out, made Lauretta's beautiful eyes the last thing you noticed about her and gave her an exhausted look.

…and how Sonia woke them up: She lined Lauretta's top and bottom lids with a dark brown pencil, swinging it up a bit at the outer corner of her upper lash line to give her eye shape a slight upward tilt. She then curled Lauretta's lashes and applied two coats of black mascara, making her look more wide-eyed. A creamy foundation and a tawny blush gave Lauretta's complexion a glow. Her lips have a gorgeous natural color, so Sonia applied only a neutral gloss.

Lauretta's revelation: "I work with people who are older than I am, and I was trying to fit in. I can still fit in…but I see that I can also stand out!"