It's About the 3 Cs: Clarity, Color & Cut
Sometimes it is hard to describe exactly what constitutes sexy skin. Just as you know sick or sallow skin when you see it, we are also programmed to identify sexy skin. Sexy skin glows, is iridescent and almost has a glassy look. In fact, you can think of your skin as a gem, and it can be described in almost the exact same way—only using three Cs to strive for, instead of four.

  • Clarity: Clear, blemish-free skin with small even pores
  • Color: Uniform color
  • Cut: Or shape of the skin—tight, not sagging—smooth and wrinkle-free
Sexy Skin is a Commitment 
Just like anything worth having, beautiful, radiant skin takes a commitment on your part. Consistency is the key. Choosing a regimen and treatment path that work for you and your lifestyle is of utmost importance. Here are the steps on the road to success:

1. See a Dermatologist
A dermatologist is an expert in the skin, hair and nails. You certainly wouldn't go to a bicycle shop to have your car worked on, so why would you see anyone but a specialist when it comes to dealing with your most vital accessory. Today dermatologists are armed with a whole arsenal of weapons to help in your fight for sexy skin. Advances in treatments such as microdermabrasion, chemical peels, fillers and lasers are happening at break-neck speed. What wasn't possible six months ago is totally attainable now.

2. Eat Right, Exercise & Drink Plenty of Water 
Yeah, we know everyone is tired of hearing this pearl of information, but there is a reason it is repeated so often—it works! Simply put: Garbage in, garbage out. Drinking fresh, distilled water will flush your system of toxins. Fresh fruits and vegetables, along with a diet high in fiber and low in sugar and fat will do wonders to help you look and feel your best. Exercise strengthens your system, tones the body and oxygenates the cells.

3. Choose The Proper Skin Care Regimen
What goes on your body is just as important as what goes in your body.

Exfoliate. Dry, dead skin looks and feels dull and lifeless. Polishing your skin with a gentle exfoliant gives it an instant glow and shine, as well as oxygenating the skin. It also gives you a smooth palette with which to work in applying your additional skin care products.

Cleanse. No matter what, you need to get your day's worth of makeup and dirt off your skin.

Repair. Everyone needs a repair product to address their specific skin type. Acne and oily-skin patients have different needs than dry and sensitive-skin patients. Everyone should have a fast-acting antioxidant therapy product to protect their skin from damaging free-radicals.

Moisturize/Seal. Moisturizers seal in your repair product, hydrate the skin and repair barrier function. They serve to give your skin that soft, supple feel.

Protect. Nothing will do more damage to your skin than leaving it unprotected to the elements. A broad-spectrum SPF30 or above shields your skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays.

Remember: Sexy skin is healthy skin!

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