Party hair
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Pump up the volume. Polish the curls. Try the world's easiest updo. Whether your hair is straight, wavy, or tucked back in an elastic band, Suave celebrity stylist Luke O'Connor walks you through three ways to make it party-rrific!

Straight and Voluminous

Silky Waves

Uncomplicated Updo
Straightening products
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Spritz Nexxus Root Exxtend Volumizing Root Lifter ($12) on damp hair, directing the nozzle toward your roots. 

2. Let your hair air-dry, then smooth it with a flatiron like Paul Mitchell Express Ion Style 1.0 ($225). Start straightening hair about half an inch from the scalp (flattening your roots completely will leave your hair too limp). 

3. To add shine and prevent frizz, rub a pea-size drop of Matrix Sleek.Look Sealing Serum ($15) between your palms, then run hands from midlength to ends.

Hair products to get waves
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Work a dollop of mousse through your wet hair—Sebastian Whipped Crème Style Whip ($19) is incredibly light and not at all sticky—then scrunch and twist one-inch sections to form waves. 

2. Once your hair is dry, wrap each wave around a curling iron like the T3 Pro EverTwirl ($89), alternating the direction so that hair won't clump together. 

3. Set with a mist of aerosol hairspray. Warren-Tricomi Style Flexible Hairspray ($20) won't feel stiff.

Dove Hair Heat Shield Styling Spray, bobby pins, cutler-fly away control stick
Photo: J Muckle/Studio D

Your hair will be easier to work with—and will stay in place longer—if you spritz on a lightweight styling spray (like Dove Heat Shield Styling Spray, $5) while it's still damp. 

2. Once it's dry, pull hair into a low ponytail and secure with an elastic. 

3. Coil the tail into a loose bun, and pin in place with four or five bobby pins (Ricky's sells 30 for $3). 

4. Don't fuss over shorter layers that might stick out—the loose silhouette is part of this style's appeal. You may want to smooth your hairline, however, with a few dabs of Cutler Fly-Away Control Stick ($23).


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