Bad haircut makeover

Photo: Alex Beauchesne

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The Bell Curve
The Backstory
Heidi Bird, 42, a tattoo studio owner from Highlands, New Jersey, has naturally wavy hair that she sometimes likes to wear straight. But she's never had a cut that looks good with both textures. "I always end up with too much fullness at the ends when it's curly, so it looks like a bell," she says. "And when it's straight, the layers have big gaps"—the result of her stylist trying to add shape.

The Counseling Session
To solve the bell problem, Buckett added longer layers in the back, which prevent Bird's hair from mushrooming out at the bottom. Then he blended the rest of her existing layers, making the gaps much less noticeable when she wears her hair straight. As a final touch, Buckett cut some layers at Bird's cheekbones to open up the eye area and emphasize her heart-shaped face. he worked styling cream throughout Bird's wet hair before drying, both as a heat protector and to keep her hair smooth.

The Happy Outcome
"This is the best cut I've had in my life," says Bird. "It's so much easier to wear??? curly or straight???and it looks great even when I don't bother to style it. I used to pull it back into a ponytail all the time. Now I wear it down, and it always looks good."

Straight's Great Too!
"I love waking up and not fussing over my hair."

Her Cut
Buckett gave Bird a slight overall trim for polish, taking an inch off the length.

The shorter layers around Bird's face highlight her bone structure, says Buckett. "Before, Heidi had a lot of heavy hair just hanging there, which did nothing to flatter her."

Buckett kept the ends a bit blunt instead of going for a piecey effect. "If you slice the hair shaft, it doesn't lie flat," he says. "On curly hair, that's how you end up with frizz."

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