Shirt, ring, and blazer.

Photography: Jeff Harris

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Florence's Picks
Look to a Specific Era
"I'm attracted to floaty, printed pieces. I've always been a '70s girl at heart," says Welch.

Let Your Wardrobe Tell a Story
"My favorite rings were all given to me by my friends. It's wonderful if I can look at something and think, On the day I got this, I was in Copenhagen, and I saw a beautiful cathedral in the rain."

Mix Different Textures
"I love to wear a woolly shirt with a chiffon skirt or put a ruffled feminine blouse with a leather skirt."

Identify Your Palette
"Because of my complexion, I'm into nudes and blues."

Blouse, Tucker. Ring, Isharya, Henri Bendel. Jacket, Banana Republic.