Chain strap purses

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The Chain Gang
The chunky linked straps are like built-in jewelry for your purse.  

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Splurge: The day of the faddish "it" bag is over. Instead, carry an imaginative classic: This purse combines a ladylike shape and sweet lily-of-the-valley print with a thick chain that's a little bit rock 'n' roll. Vera Wang; $1,875; 212-382-2184

Steal: If you want to enliven your neutral clothes with upbeat color, this bag is a real plum. For comfort, there's a leather section on the strap just where it hits your shoulder. Maxx New York; $198;

Good Deal: An exotic scarf print shows through the cutouts on a stylish envelope bag. The double gold chain takes the place of a bracelet. Tory Burch; $475;