White collared shirts

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Buy what you love; buy what will last: here, instant updates for spring at all price levels—from steals to good deals to splurges.

The New Wave White Shirt First, beyond the button-down: Distinctive tops with enough flair to carry a whole outfit.

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It's a cinch to learn a curvy new body language in a waist-conscious tunic that's rich in romantic details—cross-your-heart bodice, wide stitched belt, soft pleats. Balance the fuller top with slim pants. Scarf, Denis Colomb. Chadwick's; $30; Chadwicks.com 

Splurge: Sculpted ruffles of silk and cotton alight like butterflies on a blouse with a slight puff sleeve and stand-up collar. It's art you can wear, forever. Derercuny; $990; LuisaViaroma.com

Good Deal: There's nothing like a white shirt with a big collar and open neckline to make your face look positively luminous. Gr.Dano at the Style Room; $187; Ballin's, New Orleans; 504-866-4367