Q: I know that topical antioxidants are good for my skin, but how do I apply them?

A: You're right about antioxidants: Vitamins C and E and coenzyme Q10—to name a few contained in many serums and moisturizers—can help prevent wrinkles, reduce hyperpigmentation (sun spots), and improve skin tone. Apply an antioxidant to your freshly washed face, says Joel Schlessinger, MD, president emeritus, American Society of Cosmetic Dermatology & Aesthetic Surgery. If you use a retinoid at night, use the antioxidant in the morning; then apply moisturizer (if you need it) and sunscreen.

Keep in mind: For best results with a vitamin C product, look for a concentration of 5 to 10 percent and a container that protects the formula from light and air.

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