Putting on eye power

"I'm fearless with lipstick—I'll wear red, fuchsia, burgundy—but when I try to make up my eyes for a night out, I'm sooo tentative," says Anne. Her noncommittal technique: Dust bronzer across eyelids with a fluffy brush; gingerly line upper lids (outer half only) with a black pencil; apply one coat of mascara. While the result isn't garish or unflattering, it doesn't do Anne any favors, either. "Anne has such beautiful big blue eyes, she can play them up a lot more," says Linter.

See Linter's 8-step makeup makeover
prep eyelids with primer

Step 1
To prevent fading and smudging, prep the lids with either an eye primer (like Lancôme Ombre Perfecteur, $23) or a cream-to-powder shadow in a neutral shade (like Neutrogena Skin Soothing Eye Tint in Honey Shimmer, $9). Avoid putting concealer on the lids; it tends to crease.
how to line eyelids with a black pencil

Line the upper lashline with a black pencil. Beginning above the pupil, make small dashes as close to the lashes as possible until you get to the outer corner of the eye; then, starting at the inner corner, make the dashes toward the center of the lid, until the lines meet.
How to smudge eyeliner

Take a Q-tip (or the domed smudge brush on one end of a liner pencil) and use it to smudge the liner up, ever so slightly, at the outer corners of the eye. This gives the shape of the eyes a lift and makes them appear both wider and farther apart.
Dot bronzer on eyelids

Dot a creamy bronze liner pencil (like Lancôme Le Stylo Waterproof in Bronze, $25.50; Lancome-USA.com) along the crease of the lid. Blend the pencil into the hollow of the eye with an eyeshadow brush, smudging it up and out a bit toward the temple. To set and soften the color in the crease, trace a taupey bronze powder shadow on top.
Dust powder shadow on eyes

Dust a beige powder shadow (like Sephora Colorful Mono Eye Shadow in Universal Beige, $12; Sephora.com) over the lid, up to the crease, to make eyes look brighter and more open.
Put black eyeliner on eyes

Dot the black liner pencil under the eye, from the outer corner toward the nose, stopping at the end of the lashes. Press the liner gently into the lashline, then blend with a Q-tip.
Dab moisturizer on eyes

Dab a light moisturizer under both eyes and gently tissue it off to remove any shadow residue that's settled there.
Curl eyelashes

Curl the lashes and apply two coats of lengthening mascara (like CoverGirl LashBlast Length Mascara, $8; Drugstore.com).

See the final results!
Before and after eye makeup makeover

The final result: Dramatic evening eyes
Want to finish off the look with a few individual false lashes? Watch this tutorial with Lauren Luke

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