Photo: Chris Eckert/Studio D

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Elizabeth Satterlee Erşekal, 32, is pale. Very pale. (The foundation shade she's wearing here is called Siberia.) So when she tried powder bronzer to look sun-kissed, the effect quickly became sunburned. Nars makeup artist James Boehmer knows why: "The shade Elizabeth was using is too red and too opaque. A sheer peach- or yellow-based bronzer is most flattering on fair skin." He also points out a placement problem—for the most natural effect, bronzer should be applied around the perimeter of the face, not just along the cheekbones. Here's how Boehmer added the perfect amount of warmth to Elizabeth's cool, porcelain skin.

NOTE: Bronzers aren't just a tool for warming up pale skin. In rich, earthy shades with red undertones (think clay or terracotta), they're also a beautiful way to add contour to dark skin.