Leslie Maxie

Photo: William Abranowicz

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Genevieve Young, 81
What She's Done
A facelift, an eyelift (twice), laser treatments for dark spots

What She'll Never Do
Botox or fillers, hair dye

What She'd Consider
Another eyelift

Why she decided to get plastic surgery: "Vanity. I'm not concerned about passing for younger; I just wanted to look better. My droopy eyes were making me look tired, and my sagging jawline really bothered me."

Why she's never considered Botox or fillers: "I'm completely needle-phobic. I don't even have pierced ears. But a facelift? No problem, because I'm asleep the whole time. I know—it's ridiculous."

Why she let her hair go white: "My hair grows quickly, and I couldn't be bothered to color it every four weeks."

How she's not her mother's daughter: "My mother is 106 and still colors her hair pitch-black."

What keeps her active—despite a professed lack of athletic ability: "Lots and lots of lessons—tennis, ice skating. I had to stop skiing in my late 70s. Now I do ballroom dancing three times a week. That really works up a sweat—and it's easier on my knees."

The person she credits for her age-defying posture: "The 'secret posture marker' at my boarding school in the 1940s. No one knew who he or she was, but we all got a posture grade every month; if it was below a B you had to go to posture class. I always got an A."

Why she thinks she looks better today than she did 40 years ago: "My haircolor is more beautiful. And I've gained 20 pounds."

Her Extra Assists

Clairol Professional Shimmer Lights Shampoo
"I use it every once in a while to get yellow tones out of my hair."
$10, drugstores.

Eyelash extensions
"My lashes have gotten sparse, so I've tried extensions. Without them, I always wear mascara. And every morning, I line my eyes with a black kohl pencil."

Lubriderm Daily Moisture Lotion
"I put it all over my body and my face after I bathe. I had acne in my 30s and I'm still afraid of breaking out, so I would never use a heavy cream on my face."
$8.50, drugstores.

Shirt, Marina Rinaldi, $150, 212-734-4333. Pants, Lafayette 148 New York, $278, Bloomingdale's, 800-555-7467. Bracelet, Robindira Unsworth, $150, Robindira.com. Thread bracelet, Chloe + Isabel, $32, ChloeandIsabel.com.