Long Messy Hair

Photo: Ruven Afanador

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Rough And Tumble
Tousled hair can look deliciously sultry—or as if you lost your hairbrush. It takes only a couple of minutes to coax straight hair into the relaxed, free-and-easy style you see here.

Get the Look: Create a middle part about three inches long (don't worry about a straight line), then spray dry shampoo on the roots all over the crown of your head. After that, use your fingers to lift the hair on top. Creating extra height gives a sophisticated silhouette to a mussed-up texture. A little hairspray smooths flyaways without the greasiness of a silicone serum.

Your Go-To Products: Suave Dry Shampoo Spray, $3.50; Serge Normant Meta Luxe Hair Spray, $25

The Color Connection
If you decide to make this the summer of wash-and-wear hair, here's one more suggestion: Think about updating your color. Strategically placed highlights (warm gold tones are flattering on most complexions) will help enhance your texture. On Fanny (above), Steven Amendola, senior haircolorist at the Serge Normant at John Frieda Salon, used a process called balayage, painting bleach on large sections of hair (rather than using foil to create many small streaks of color). Amendola recommends going to the salon with air-dried hair so the colorist can work with its natural bends and waves. The highlights should be concentrated around the face and at the crown of the head (where the sun would naturally hit), starting an inch or two from the roots. A major bonus to this free-form technique: "You'll be able to go until September without a touch-up."

Dress, Sara Roka.