As women grow into and beyond their 50s, they no longer have anything to prove, especially to anyone else, Ken says. There comes a point in a woman’s life where, Ken says, she realizes she has spent so much time trying to make everyone else happy and she wants to embrace the freedom that she has learned along the way and celebrate all the experiences that have made her who she is today!

"I often find my clients now re-embracing their flirty side," Ken says. "Remembering how empowering it is to be a woman; confident and beautiful!"

Keep in mind not to go to the extreme, he says. Find soft shapes, colors and styles that embrace how you feel on the inside. Softness around the face will help to soften lines and the appearance of mature skin.

"I find this to be a time when women want to embrace their feminine side and when they're willing to spend more time for themselves to feel better," Ken says.

Keep in mind all the considerations that apply as we mature, but definitely go for what makes you feel the best, he suggests. Ken recommends flirty, less-contrived styles and styles that move with you.

Soft, shiny hair always reflects youth. Mature hair tends to be coarser and dehydrated, Ken says. A soft color will add pigment to dull dry hair, giving it a youthful shine. A regular conditioning routine is a must!

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