Women in their 40s usually begin to focus more on "maturing," Ken says. "I do believe that this is the time to begin to see things your way."

When we look into the mirror we all have likes and dislikes. Sadly, for most people it is easier to see their flaws than to recognize their beauty, he says.

In order to see things our way we must recognize both. After you have recognized both, it is time to create a hairstyle that reflects only the positives. This also means staying away from the extremes—nothing too short, too long, too light or too dark, Ken says.

The idea to cut hair short as women mature was because long hair tends to "pull" the face down. Cutting hair short was a quick remedy to this problem, although not the only solution. The same can be achieved through layering, which draws the face out and upward, Ken says. We all like an instant facelift!

"There is often a stability related to our 40s which reflects in our personal style," Ken says. "I find this to usually be the most conservative time in a woman's life—a time where she wants an easy style which gives her more time to enjoy life's richness!"

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