Brigeeta before and after her makeover

Brigeeta, a mother of two sons, says she's ready for a change in hairstyle—but her husband wants to make sure she doesn't end up looking like a boy!

Stylist Ken Paves says Brigeeta definitely doesn't have to worry about that with her new shoulder-length 'do featuring angled curls and a beautiful, rich hue. "Rather than damage her hair with bleaching, we actually added some hair in caramel shades," Ken says. "It was a kind of tone-on-tone for her complexion, just to give her a little bit of highlight around the front and a little more movement."

"It's great!" Brigeeta says.
Linda before and after her makeover

As long as her 29-year-old daughter Lesley has been alive, Linda has not cut her hair—and she needs an update! Colorist Rita Hazan brings Linda's look into the 21st century with a gorgeous, rich color and wavy, face-framing curls.

"I just had five children and I now have six grandchildren, and it was just easier for me to just have the long hair," Linda says. "But now it's free!"
Lesley before and after her makeover

Lesley's mom, Linda , underwent a hairstyle update at the hands of our stylists. Not to be left out, Lesley gets in on the fun, too! Our stylists completely overhaul Lesley's shoulder-length brown 'do. Now her short, sunny blonde locks and side-swept bangs make her gorgeous eyes sparkle.
Joan before and after her makeover

With her hair pulled straight back in a humdrum ponytail, Joan says she's ready for a sexier look. "I knew I needed to give the ponytail and the bun a rest," she says.

Ken Paves says oh-so-tight styles like Joan's can actually make a woman look much older than she really is. "In the '20s and '30s … they used to take women's hairlines and tweeze them back because that would age them and make an 18-year-old actress look 20, 30, 40 years older on the big screen," Ken says. "So by doing that, it exposes the face and leaves everything open, when that softness really camouflages and changes some of the lines of the face."

Stylist Kimberly Kimble gives Joan a softer, more youthful look by lightening her haircolor and framing her face with long layers. "I feel glamorous," Joan says.
Mary Ann before and after her makeover

Ever since she was a little girl, Mary Ann says she has had the same long, straight cut with blunt bangs.

Thanks to stylist Ted Gibson, now Mary Ann has a sophisticated, grown-up hairstyle! Her new 'do features a shoulder-length, layered cut and a beautiful auburn color with blonde highlights. "As we get older, we lighten our hair because what it does is we keep ourselves really fresh and young and vibrant," Ted says. "When she went home last night and saw her husband, her husband was completely surprised and he loved it."

"We changed the entire sexual dynamic," Oprah jokes. "A new baby boom started with hair!"
Stacey before and after her makeover

Stacey has never colored her hair before—until colorist Rita Hazan lets the sunshine in. "If you have blue eyes and light hair, gold colors work very well with you, and it did with her," Rita says. "It just keeps the color really bright and shiny and pretty."

With her new shoulder-length bob, Stacey is no longer hiding behind her thick, long hair—and she loves it! "It's happier, and she's happier," Rita says. "Her eyes look so blue."

"I hope you're as happy as your hair!" Oprah says.
Marianne before and after her makeover

Marianne has naturally beautiful, long, dark hair—but it's a bit plain. "She had this incredible jaw line," says stylist Harry Josh. "I'm like, 'Why are you hiding underneath that [hair]?"

Once Harry is done with her, Marianne's hair is shorter than it has ever been before. "There's such a softness with her hair that when she moves it, it actually will move with her. It's like a hair commercial," Harry says. "There's no heavy lines in it. It's been cut with a razor. The back is really soft. And it's just really great for people to know that even thick hair can be thinned out really softly and really beautifully."

Marianne says it's exhilarating to have such a beautiful new hairstyle. "I always thought to feel feminine I would have to have my hair long, so that's why I was so reluctant to cut it," she says. "But this team [gave] me this great but very feminine but flirty haircut."

To keep her hair looking beautiful, Harry makes sure Marianne can style it herself. "He taught me how to maintain it, and that's great," she says. "Thank you so much, Harry."
Amy before and after her makeover

Ever since high school, Amy has had long, straight hair—until stylist Ted Gibson chops off 10 inches! Her short, sassy new 'do is highlighted with a touch of blonde around her face, accentuating the healthy glow of her skin.

Ted says even young women like Amy can get into a hairstyle rut. "She's had the same kind of hair since she was a young girl, and I think this makes her look very modern," he says.
Yolanda before and after her makeover

Yolanda says she feels like a frump, but by the end of her makeover at the hands of hairstyle guru Ken Paves, she looks like a movie star! "When I met Yolanda, she couldn't decide whether she wanted to look like Jennifer [Lopez] or with Eva [Longoria]'s new haircut, so we gave her a combination," Ken says.

For her Eva look, Ken gives Yolanda a gorgeous, short style with waves and curls worthy of a Hollywood starlet. To invoke J. Lo's gorgeous, long locks, Yolanda simply must clip on some perfectly matching, removable extensions. "Both look just as good," Ken says. "When we say the word makeover, guys, nobody needs to be made over. Beauty can't be bought or applied. It's something different. … It just feels new to give you a reason to look in the mirror and feel good about yourself, and that's just what this is. Each look looks just as beautiful, so we gave her both."

"I love it!" Yolanda says. "It's beautiful, saucy, sexy. It's what I wanted, so I was in great hands."
Andrea before and after her makeover

When Andrea arrived at the salon, she was facing a hair breakage problem—stylist Kimberly Kimble to the rescue! "We couldn't put any relaxer in there, so we darkened her color and then we added full-head extensions on the top and cut them so that she could have a style to give her hair a chance to grow back," Kimberly says.

Andrea's beautifully shaped new locks complement her face and accentuate her high cheekbones. "I love myself," she says.
Christina before and after her makeover

In the three years of her little boy's life, Christina has been in a hairstyle rut—but now she is one hot mama! Colorist Rita Hazan adds a little spice to Christina's look with a gorgeous, bright red color and extensions.

"Her hair was so dark, so it's like [I] try to stay away from extreme colors," Rita says. "So I lightened her hair color a little bit and made it more red to match her skin tone."
JoAnn before and after her makeover

JoAnn arrives at the Great American Haircut Salon armed with celebrity inspiration for her new style—a photo of actress Sandra Bullock. Stylist Ken Paves gives her the glamour treatment with a light auburn, shoulder-length 'do with soft waves framing her face. "I love it," she says. "I couldn't believe that it was me when I looked in the mirror. It's just totally different from the way that I used to look."

While JoAnn loves her new cut, if you're looking for a change, Ken says to make sure it still feels like you. "I always want to create something for a woman which is truly another extension and really intimate to that woman, not something that's just happening out there in fashion at the moment," Ken says. "That's what I was so happy with what we did together is [JoAnn] still felt like [JoAnn] but…"

"More beautiful," JoAnn says.
Angela before and after her makeover

Angela doesn't just want a new look—she wants to be "eye candy" for her husband! Stylist Ken Paves does the trick with a short, saucy style featuring rich, golden highlights and long, sexy bangs!

"Since I was 13 I used to hide behind my hair. I'm a very shy person," she says. "So thanks to Ken, I don't hide behind my hair anymore. I really do love it, so thank you so much!"
Christina before and after her makeover

After having a baby, Christina is ready for an update to her straight, dark locks. Stylist Ted Gibson to the rescue!

She becomes a whole new Christina with a lovely, sleek bob that's sure to turn heads. "It's all about pop culture, and we know that the bob is so hot, and it's great to see women who have had long, flowing, lots of waves and curls, going a little bit shorter and really creating this strong geometric [shape]," Ted says.