I'm into fitness, health, and all things eco. Is there athletic gear that's nontoxic but cute?

A: The activewear industry has long been an innovator in "performance" fabrics. Now it's applying that expertise to the challenge of avoiding synthetics that pollute the planet, while retaining superior function and style. We're seeing a lot of recycled elements and plant-based fabrics (soy, bamboo, even coconut shells) in workout clothes. Plus, outdoorsy companies (like Patagonia and Nau), which have a vested interest in the environment, often recycle their own clothing or contribute to green causes.

Cheap jeansLean Green: Pink tank in recycled polyester has side panels that make you look thinner (GoLite, $50). End Footwear uses recycled materials in its sneakers ($85) without sacrificing functionality or looks.


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