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Too much makeup can make you look harsh—these easy makeup tips will help give you a soft, healthy glow!
  • Moisturize religiously: Applying cream every morning makes skin look fresher even when you don't wear foundation—and helps it glide on smoothly when you do.
  • Proceed carefully with powder: A soft dusting helps set makeup and absorb shine, but too much can settle into lines. Always use a brush rather than a puff for a lighter application.
  • Blur the edges: Rimming your lids with an eye pencil will define the eyes and seem to plump lashes, but always smudge the line a bit afterward for a more flattering, soft-focus effect.
  • Go light on lip color: Dark colors can look harsh and accentuate imperfections. A lip gloss—not too shiny—looks much fresher.
  • Don't be afraid of shimmer: A dusting of shimmer shadow over the lids refracts light and brightens the eyes.