We know a woman, let's call her...Betty (as in Grable). She's smart. She's stylish. She's gorgeously statuesque. When the weather turns warm, she throws off her cashmere cardigan and happily exposes her lovely arms, her graceful neck, her splendid cleavage in gossamery, deep-cut blouses. Sleeveless, she strides briskly through the world like a woman who knows where she's going, and she does.

The funny thing is: We've never seen her legs. For all we know, they could be navy blue. Or covered in silvery scales. No matter what season, her legs are sheathed in pants or concealed in tights. Even the long dog days of a New York City summer don't motivate her to liberate them. Why?

She hates them. "You don't want to see my legs," she says ruefully. "They're pale. Veiny. Bruised. Dimpled. Oh, and my knees? Heading south."

We love tough cases. So we took this one on, making it our mission to free our friend from the shackles of her leg shame.

Since self-tanners can serve as a soft-focus light on your legs—blurring dimples, fading scars, making veins look less conspicuous—they topped our list of solutions. We tested dozens of them to come up with our favorites, and in the process figured out the best way to apply them. Then we asked doctors what they can do to make all the Bettys of the world feel better about their legs: What options are available to eliminate veins, fade bruises, and shore up saggy knees? And finally, we asked O's fashion team for clothes and strategies that will make anyone's legs look longer and leaner.

So if you, like Betty, can hardly remember the feeling of a deliciously warm summer breeze brushing against your calves, we think you might be persuaded to reveal them after you read our Complete Guide to Legs You're Proud to Bare.

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