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When I Found Out I Was Going to be On CBS Every Morning...
My first phone call was to Jenny Craig. Ten days later, I'd lost nine pounds. Now I even take the plan's popcorn with me to the movies. It's not as much fun as my usual go-to (the concession-stand stuff—large, with extra butter), but it's certainly better for me. At least that's what I keep telling myself!
Esperanza Spalding

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I Can't Stop Listening To...
Esperanza Spalding's mellow, jazzy Radio Music Society. She surprised a lot of folks when she won Best New Artist at the 2011 Grammys (beating out Justin Bieber). But after hearing her new songs—my favorites are "Black Gold," "Cinnamon Tree," and "Smile Like That"—the haters will be eating their words. The girl's way more than great hair! [Album out March 20.]
Kanye West

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I Recently Stuck This Quote On My Computer On a Post-It Note:
"I'm on a pursuit of awesomeness. Excellence is the bare minimum."

—Kanye West, who doesn't always have the best manners, offered this eloquent sound bite in Watch the Throne, a documentary about his tour with Jay-Z.

Photo: Courtesy of Empire State Building

I Laughed Till I Cried...
At the tenth-anniversary gala for Jessica Seinfeld's charity, Baby Buggy. Her husband, Jerry, closed the night reminiscing about how the invention of Pop-Tarts "blew the back of my head right off." I'll never look at a Pop-Tart in quite the same way again!

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