Stylist Clyde Ray Brual used the following style principles to get our five women from frumpy to fabulous!

Find the right fit. Shapeless silhouettes made our subjects look heavier—and older—than they really are. The most flattering cuts skim the body without pulling or pinching anywhere.

You don't have to be a sylph to have a great one. Look for belted dresses or blouses and jackets that are nipped at the middle. They'll give form to your figure.

Black and dark colors are harsh and can accentuate wrinkles and blotchy skin. Whites, beiges, and other pale neutrals reflect light off your face, brightening your complexion.

They can add weight to fuller figures and tend to go out of style before the season's end.

Keep skirts around knee length (just below if you're taller; right above if you're petite). Longer can look matronly; much shorter might be too revealing.

Buy the right jeans